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We are 5-star rated on Droners.io, Google, and Yelp. Nadar Drone Imaging offers aerial imaging services in cities throughout he United States and special engagements worldwide. Our dedicated staff of pilots and processing technicians has the capability to handle large and complex jobs with customer service superior to the competition... • We are responsive (no waiting days to get a call back or email response) • We are reliable (we’re on schedule and deliver as promised) • We are efficient (typical turnaround times on most services within 1-3 business days) • We guarantee your satisfaction (whatever it takes) • We are capable (we are not just pilots, we have dedicated creative and technical staff for post-production) Our service categories include: • Surveying & Mapping including topographic surveys and 3D Modeling • Roof, Bridge & Infrastructure Inspection including Thermal Imaging • Engineering & Architectural Pre-Design Imaging & Site Surveying • Construction Project Management • Residential & Commercial Real Estate Marketing • Government Infrastructure Project Showcases • Golf Turf Management • Special Event Photography & Videography Rates vary depending on job specifics. Tips for selecting a drone service provider: • Ask for proof of insurance and on larger projects and have your company named as one of the insured parties. • Beware of providers not mentioning an airspace check and if they claim they have FAA authorization, ask for a copy. • Ask for references and/or to see example of their work For more tips and information visit:

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Nadar Imaging
Seattle, WA
Seattle WA 98105
Phone: +923459302920
Fax: +923459302920
Email: pilot3@abc.com
Url: http://worldclassthemes.com

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